Our Menu

Open or Folded Flour Tortillas With Melted Cheese 6.25
With Green Chile Strips 7.25
With Fresh Guacamole 8.25
With Fresh Guacamole & Chili Strips 8.99
With Fresh Spinach and Cream Cheese 8.99
Folded Cheese Quesadillas
With Green or Red Chile Beef 9.99
With Fajita Steak or Chicken 10.55
Appetizer Supreme
Red, Green & Chicken Baja Chimis, Beef & Chicken Flautas, Red Chile Beef & Bean Nachos, Green Chile Beef & Bean Nachos, Gyros Slices, Guacamole & Cucumber Sauce 18.55
Red Chile or Spinach & Cheese Dip 7.25
Fiesta Mini Chimis
Four red and four green chile beef chimis with Guacamole and Sour Cream 8.99
Hot Corn Tortillas with Melted Cheese and Sliced Jalapenos with Gaucomole & Sour Cream 6.95
With Beans and Cheese 7.35
Supreme Green Chile Beef, Refried Beans, Melted Cheese 9.99
Albondigas Home Made Meat Balls and Rice with Flour Tortilla 6.25
Home Made Chicken Veggie Soup 6.25
Baja Chicken Burro
Deep Fried & Oven Baked with Our Cream Cheese Sauce & Rice 9.35
Baja Spinach & Feta Cheese Chimi
Deep Fried & Oven Baked with Our Baja Cream Cheese Sauce & Rice 9.35
Patio Chimi
A Deep Fried Flour Tortilla Rolled with Beef or Chicken Filling Smothered with Our Fresh Green Tomatillo Sauce & Rice 9.35
Fish Flautas
Served with Fresh Cilantro Pesto Cheese & Rice 9.35
Gyros Chimi
Served with Fresh Cucumber Sauce, Baked Zucchini & Rice 9.35
Char-Broiled Taquito
Single Double
A Soft Corn Tortilla Filled with Carne Asada or Chicken, Pico de Gallo, Rice & Beans 6.75 8.05
  1 Taco 2 Tacos
Shredded Beef or Chicken 4.45 5.75
Guacamole Beef or Chicken 5.75 7.05
Sour Cream Beef or Chicken 5.25 6.55
Served with Shredded Lettuce & Cheese
Free Tomatoes & Onions for the Asking
Crisp Corn Tortilla topped with Beans, Cheese, Shredded Lettuce 4.75
Guacamole Tostada 6.25
Beef or Chicken Tostada 6.95
Tostada Grande
Our Home Made Frybread Topped with Beans, Cheese, Lettuce 7.75
With Green or Red Chili Beef 9.95
Marinated Shrimp Tacos (2)
Corn Tortillas, Lettuce, Cabbage, Pico de Gallo, Rice and Beans 12.99
Huevos Rancheros
Served with Rice & Beans 8.99
Chile Relleno
Our Fresh Chile Relleno Served with Rice & Beans 8.99
Carne Asada Con Pico de Gallo
Rice, Beans, Flour Tortilla 12.99
Fajita (Beef, Chicken, or Mixed)
Marinated Tender Strips of Your Choice, Served with Beans, Rice, Guacamole & Pico De Gallo, Flour Tortilla 12.99
Picado Style - Free Grilled Onions,
Tomatoes & Green Chile for the Asking
With Fajitas Only
Mi Patio Combinations
96. Tacos, Beef or Chicken, Rice & Beans 8.25
97. Chile Relleno, Cheese Enchilada, Beef Taco, Rice & Beans 11.35
98. Plato Grande Carne Asada, Cheese Enchilada, Rice & Beans, Flour Tortilla & Pico de Gallo 13.95
99. Chile Relleno, Cheese Enchilada, Been Tostada, Rice 11.25
100. Beef Tamale, Beef Taco, Cheese Enchilada, Rice & Beans 10.35
101. Cheese Enchilada, Beef Taco, Bean Tostada & Rice 10.35
102. Red or Green Beef Burro, Beef Taco, Rice & Beans 10.35
103. Green Corn Tamale, Green Enchilada, Been Tostada, Rice 10.35
104. Red or Green Chile, Flour Tortilla, Rice & Beans 9.35
105. Cheese Enchilada, 2 Beef Tacos, Rice & Beans 10.35
106. Beef Taco, Cheese Enchilada, Rice & Beans 9.35
Bean & Cheese 5.99
Green or Red Chile Beef 7.25
Machaca Beef or Chicken 7.25
Chorizo & Egg 7.25
Vegetarian Burro Grande, Beans, Rice, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese & Pico de Gallo 7.25
Enchilada Style add 1.55
Deep Fried add 1.35
Carne Asada Picado Burro with Marinated Fresh Vegetables 8.55
Samantha's Healthy Burro, Chicken Fajita, Picado with Marinated Fresh Vegetables 8.55
Deep Fried Burro Served with Sour Cream, Fresh Guacamole, Cheese, Rice or Beans  
Bean & Cheese 7.95
Red or Green Chili Beef 9.15
Machaca Beef or Chicken 9.15
Free Rice or Beans with Burros & Chimis
Two Home Made Corn Tortillas Topped with Red Chile Sauce, Cheese, Black Olives, Rice & Beans 6.95
Mexican Pizza
Open flour tortilla with double cheese, shredded beef, green onions, tomatoes & guacamole 12.55
Home Made with Beans & Rice
Green Corn (Meatless) - With Green Sauce 8.55
Red Chile With Red Sauce 8.99
Baked Corn Tortillas Filled with Cheese & Topped with Home Made Red or Green Chile Sauce Single Double
& More Cheese, Rice, Beans 6.95 8.25
With Shredded Beef or Chicken 8.35 9.65
Spinach Enchilada, White Sauce 8.35 9.65
Mushroom, Zucchini, Egg Plant 8.35 9.65
Fish Enchilada w/Green Sauce 8.35 9.65
Two Corn Flautas Served with Beans & Rice, Guacamole & Cheese  
Shredded Beef or Chicken 8.99
Shrimp Picado with Rice & Beans & Pico de Gallo 13.55
Camarones a la Diabla Spicy Shrimp in our Homemade Red Chile Sauce with Rice, Beans & Flour Tortilla 13.55
Taco Salads
Freshly Fried Flour Tortilla Shell, Beans, Lettuce, Double Cheese, Fresh Guacamole & Sour Cream 8.25
With Machaca Beef 9.25
With Fajita Steak or Chicken 9.25
Greek-Mex Salads
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pepperocinis, Goat Cheese, Olives, Oil & Vinegar 8.25
With Grilled Chicken or Gyros Slices 9.25
Plain Salad, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese 6.25
With Chicken Strips 8.65
Side Orders
Rice or Beans w/cheese 2.55
Fresh Guacamole 3.99
Sour Cream 1.75
Flour Tortilla 1.35
Corn Tortilla (3) 1.35
Hot Sauce for Chips 8 oz 3.15
Pico de Gallo 3.15
Susie's Flour Tortilla Chips 3.45
Flan 4.25
HomeMade Frybread w/Cinnamon & Honey 3.75
Fried Ice Cream 4.35
Fried Ice Cream w/ Kahlua & Irish Cream 6.35
Our Cinnamon-Apple Raisin Burro 4.25
Coffee, Hot or Iced Tea 2.50
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mt Dew 2.50
Lemonade, Sierra Mist 2.50
Orange, Pineapple or Cranberry Juice 2.50
Our Frozen Rice Drink 2.95
Kiddie Menu
107. Beef or Chicken Taco (Side of Rice or Beans)
108. Beef or Chicken Flauta (Side of Rice or Beans)
109. Enchilada - Beef, Chicken or Cheese (Side of Rice or Beans)
110. Allison's Favorite Small Cheese Quesadilla, topped with Chicken Fajita Strips, Rice
111. Burrito - Beef, Chicken or Bean (Side of Rice or Beans)
All Meals are $6.25 & Include Beverage & Ice Cream
(12 Years Old or Under, Dine in Only)